Friday, December 30, 2005

Controversy information

Recently it came to our attention that another podcaster, Patrick Melton, had made extremely rude and unprovoked attacks on us and in particular our daughter. We contacted Melton and asked him to remove the offending remarks from his podcast. He has apologized for his actions but refuses to remove the audio. Unfortunately, that episode now shows up when someone does a search for Porcuponics. If you have the misfortune of hearing this verbal attack, please do as we have done and ask him to remove it and let him know that abusive and pornographic comments directed toward children have no place in podcasting. The following is his apology, unedited, along with our initial letter to him.
First of all, I want to say that I am sorry for all the trouble and grief that the segment may have caused your or anyone in your family. Over the past seven months, we have been doing our “Bad Podcast of the Week” segment, and we just pick random podcasts and needlessly bash them for their production quality, make fun of their content, etc.

It may not be any comfort, but as you know, I don’t know you or your family. I don’t mean any of the things I said. Furthermore, I would never hurt anyone, including a child, and I surely wouldn’t do any of the things I outlined in that show. It was an off-the-cuff, spontaneous remark. If I could go back and not say it, I would. The fact remains that over 15,000 people have downloaded that show, and it’s out there.

I’ve wanted to go back and edit past episodes before, but I think doing that lacks some integrity. As much as you’d like to believe it, what I said isn’t going to have any impact on your daughter, and she will never even know anything like that was said about her. A month, or a year, or ten years from now, no one will even remember it.

I don’t want to keep dwelling on this either. The more we talk about it, the more time passes before it is forgotten. Please know that all the events that have transpired as a result of this incident have made me think about the things I say and will permanently influence future decisions I make regarding show content.

Apologies to you, your wife, and your daughter for all of this.



Not having children, you apparently don't understand the harm you have done in your December 12th episode where you made pornographic comments about my two year old daughter. I appreciate the apology you issued on your latest show and I certainly have respect for your first amendment rights. We don't have an issue with you using our podcast as joke material and even though your attack on my wife was completely uncalled for, we are adults and can defend ourselves accordingly. You stated that if you could go back and do it over, you never would have made the remarks, but the fact remains that the show is still available and you have made no attempt to correct it. I know you meant it as a joke and feel that the response it got was an overreaction on the part of listeners. I was not a part of whatever transpired on Podcast Alley, so I don't know exactly what was said to make you decide to quit after that episode went up, and I am not asking you to stop podcasting now. If the comments had been made in a general sense then I agree with you that you have every right, however tasteless the joke may be, to broadcast them. The issue here though revolves around a very specific instance of verbal abuse directed at my daughter whose name is used on more than one occasion during the excerpts you aired in your program. She is not an anonymous target and your words have very real consequences for her family and friends who have been unfortunate enough to stumble upon them.
I would hope that you would have the decency to remove that segment from the December 12th podcast and ensure that it is no longer available for consumption. You are obviously capable of producing a podcast which appeals to a large following of listeners; a prurient attack on a toddler will not contribute to continuing success. I hope we can resolve this issue without causing further harm to either party.



WebMariner said...

Hey Melissa and Tom,

I just received that message about the rude podcasters. They truly are sick individuals. It is my sincere wish that you don't let this deter you from continuing doing the podcasts. I did listen to the podcast in question and I have heard the last of them.

They are way too vulgar and they don't have an ounce of original content so they have to rely on their profanity to make a show.

You on the other hand are creative and genuinely sound like you are having fun doing your podcasts. I also left a comment on Podcast Alley with my disapproval as well as sending Podcast Alley my thoughts on this whole matter.

I hope that y'all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the best in the New Year.


Teledude TV said...

I listened to that show and since I can't say anything that doesn't include bodly harm I won't say much except that I was VERY VERY ANGRY.

Love you guys and your show! I hope the holidays were good.

Your Friend,

Macabe said...

I am an avid listener of Nobody Likes Onions. Perhaps WebMariner is right in saying that it has no original content and generally must rely on profanity and shock for listeners. That is their demographic, and you have yours. The demographic of Nobody Likes Onions may find the comments Patrick made about your family extremely rude and obscence, but humorous in the shock value of it. This is much like Howard Stern, because you never know what will be said next. If you truly had respect for Patrick's first amendment rights, then you would let this slide by. It was a horrible thing to say, but he has every right to say it. With all due respect, you are out of line in asking for the show to be removed. You, as podcasters, should know that it would show a major lack of integrity to remove something simply due to content. Patrick apologized, and that should be the end of it.


porcuponics said...

Thanks for your message. I disagree with what you said, but I appreciate that we obviously have very different points of view. One thing that hasnt't been said here is that our recordings are covered under Creative Commons license and traditional copyright, and although we have not pursued it, we have every legal right to protest the continued unauthorized use of our content. At any rate, the same free speech right that allows him to keep it up gives us the right to ask him to take it down, but as we said in the letter, he has to make that decision. Thanks for your respectful comments.